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Before the Court will hear any action you may bring before it, you MUST properly File your Documents with the Court. This act of filing involves submitting your Document to the Clerk of the Court and paying the requisite Filing Fee so that it can be Stamped and Filed properly in the appropriate Court.

Legal steps like these can be time-consuming and confusing for individuals and businesses. At Court Detective WorldWide, we provide the legal Court Filing Service you need to ensure that your case is managed in accordance with the legal requirements. Our decades of experience will provide you with the best experience.

What You Need to Know:

  • The traditional method for executing a proper Court Filing involves visiting the court Clerk in person, paying the fee that is required and handing over the document so that it can be filed. Depending on the jurisdiction, that submission may need to be filed in duplicate or triplicate form.
  • Our team is highly competent in executing rapid Filing in any Court in California. We provide prompt confirmation of success as well.
  • We are adept at searching for existing lawsuits and we can help you retrieve Documents ranging from Briefs and Docket Records to Court Opinions. Whatever you need, we can find it.
  • Our Search and Record Capture Services are applicable in Courts at the Federal and State level as well as the Federal archives and Bankruptcy Courts.

Most important is the fact that we guarantee that your Documents will be zealously guarded and protected while in our custody. You may rest assured that your Documents will be properly Filed.

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