When you have a lawsuit, it has to be Served to the party that you are suing...properly. It will need to be Filed with the Court...properly. Any other way is a waste of time. Learn more

Before the Court hears any action you may bring before it, you MUST properly File your Documents with the Court. Filing involves submitting your Documents to the Clerk of the Court and then paying the requisite Filing Fee so that it may then be Stamped and Filed properly in the appropriate Court.Learn more

The choice is clear; whatever your Investigative need, Court Detective has the experience and skill that you need to solve or uncover whatever is bothering you! Learn more

When you need Mobile Notary Services, call Court Detective WorldWide and get the reliable Notary Public Services you deserve. Learn more


Court Detective WorldWide provides a rich variety of Services for Attorneys as well as the Public. Our Services include: Investigative Support, Service of Process, Court Services, File Retrieval, Mobile Notary Public Services.

Court Detective WorldWide has years of experience. We have a unique business model because we cater to the Legal Profession, Business Owners and to the Public. We will help you solve those problems that you feel are just not solveable! Whether you want to do an Asset Search or Person Locate, we are equipped with our years of experience to get this done for you. Any communication with us is Confidential.

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