Court Detective WorldWide provides a rich variety of Legal Services for Attorneys as well as for the Public. Our Services include Investigative Support, Service of Process, Court Services, File Retrieval, Mobile Notary Public Services.

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The choice is clear; whatever your investigative need Court Detective WorldWide has the experience and skill that you will need.Learn more

When you have a lawsuit that needs to be properly Served to a Defendant, you will need Service of Process. This Service is the legally mandated way to notify the receiving party that legal action has been initiated, while at the same time exercising jurisdiction so that that the receiver understands his or her obligation to respond in the appropriate venue. Learn more

Before you can get a Court to hear any action you want to bring before it, you have to properly file that Document with the Court... Learn more

When you need a competent Notary Public, come see us or better yet let us bring our Mobile Notary Public to you! Learn more

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