Service of Process

When you have a lawsuit to be Served to a Defendant, you will need a (Properly Executed) Service of Process. Process Service is the Legally mandated way to notify the receiving party that a Legal action has been initiated. This is necessary so that the receiver understands his or her obligation to respond in the appropriate venue.

The Defendant in the case needs to be Served in a certain manner because the Service MUST be in compliance with all Legal requirements. These requirements are governed by regulations which limit WHO may properly Serve the various Legal Documents such as Lawsuits, Bank Levies, Court Orders and the like.

The Service of Process occurs when Legally Authorized Servers present the receiving party with a copy of the Court Documents which are being filed with the Court.

How We Can Help

We have decades of experience. We do it all for you! We are able to keep the Process from being a headache. Our Services are available to everyone! Our expertise comes from experience. This ensures that you receive exactly what you need to initiate your case to action and here’s why:

  • We are committed to Proper Service of Process because we understand that when you go to Court, the judge will actually pay attention to the Proof of Service. He will look to see that the Defendant and all parties were Served properly and on time before the Court date.
  • Our Servers are completely Licensed for every Document type.
  • We never leave you wondering how your Case is progressing. We’re available with Status Reports to provide you with Service updates.

Nothing can happen with your Legal action until it is Properly Served with a Proof that the Court will accept. This is a critical step for your Civil action. In order for your Case to move forward, it is crucial for the Service of Process to be Properly performed.

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